The Augustinian Friars in Britain

Our Hearts are Restless until they Rest in You, Lord

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Order of St Augustine - England & Scotland


The Order of St Augustine

The Order of St. Augustine (Augustinians) is an order of brothers - many of whom are priests - within the Catholic Church.

The Order was founded in two successive stages (1244 and 1256)when groups of religious living in Tuscany were united to form the Order under the rule and spiritual inspiration of St. Augustine.

Today there are over 2,700 Augustinians serving in around 40 countries in the various continents.

We are from the Province of England and Scotland.

The Province of England & Scotland

We are the Province of England and Scotland of the Order of Saint Augustine. The Order, named after Saint Augustine of Hippo (died AD 430),
are several Catholic monastic orders and congregations of both men and women living according to a guide to religious life known as the
Rule of Saint Augustine.

Our Monastic Order is subject to the jurisdiction of the Prior General (of the Order).

This web site also represents lay fraternities and societies established under the name and teaching of Saint Augustine in the Province.

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